Secretary of the Government - Executive Chairman

Secretary of the Government of Bangladesh and the Executive Chairman of National Skills Development Authority of Bangladesh.


Mr. Md. Faruque Hossain is a Secretary of the Government of Bangladesh and the Executive Chairman of National Skills Development Authority of Bangladesh. Before joining in Skills Development Authority, he was Director General of Central Procurement technical Unit (CPTU) of Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Ministry of Planning, government of Bangladesh. As the Head of public procurement in Bangladesh, he has been carrying out necessary oversight functions of CPTU, covering legislation, procedures, capacity building, professionalization, and monitoring. He is also the administrator of the National Central Portal conducting electronic government procurement (e-GP) in Bangladesh.

Professional Experience

As the DG, CPTU, Mr Hossain has steered the management of Electronic Government Procurement Portal and implementation of e-GP that registered a spectacular growth in both value and volume over his tenure for four years in CPTU. The e-GP in Bangladesh is presently a leading model among the countries implementing electronic means of Tendering. During his chairmanship of SAPPN, he took the initiatives to anchor it under SAARC Umbrella and connect the Network with other transnational procurement forum.

Under his guidance as DG, CPTU, piloting of citizen engagement in public procurement was conducted in Bangladesh. It proved very helpful in ensuring transparency and quality of public works.

Mr. Hossain is a certified National Trainer of public procurement, and a qualified resource person of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, UK, and a trainer of Public- Private Partnership. He worked closely in developing the Public -Private Partnership policy in Bangladesh. As a member of the Bangladesh Civil Service Administration, he worked in various Ministries as well as at the field level, having wide experiences in project facilitation, preparation, and implementation and monitoring with active role in procurement management.

Much to his credit, Mr. Hossain is well known in the literary circle of Bangladesh for his insightful rhymes. He is renowned for his works in children and juvenile literature and regarded in high esteem for his rhymes, stories, articles, features and travel tales for more than the last forty years. He has, to his credit, as many as 60 titles in different areas of literature.

He has participated Global and Regional Conference on public procurement in Vienna, Washington and Bangkok with many other conferences where he has highlighted the success story of using ICT in public procurement.

Professional Skills

Having his MSC in soil science from the University of Dhaka, Mr. Hossain also completed MBA in 2005 and Masters in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development from Turin School of Business, Turin University in 2014. He obtained certification on Public- Private Partnership (PPP) from IP3 @Washington, USA, and PAI, London, UK. He also has achieved Diploma in Developing Economies from IDE Advanced School, Japan. His publication, “Paradigm shift in Public Procurement to Public-Private Partnership Procurement in Bangladesh: Challenges Behind the scene” is a remarkable PPP analysis among his credibility.

Other Skills