The PPDA engages with the Malawi Electoral Commission

In Malawi, general elections are scheduled for 2025. To ensure that these elections do not affect the procurement process, the Public Procurement Authority (PPDA) and the Electoral Commission held an interface meeting on 15 May. The aim was to ensure that the procurement processes were aligned to ensure public confidence. In addition, the interface meeting provided an opportunity to review the ongoing review of public procurement legislation.

Following the forthcoming 2025 general elections, the Public Procurement and Disposal Authority(PPDA) and the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) met on 15 May 2024 for an interface meeting to ensure that procurement processes are aligned to ensure public confidence. Recognizing the crucial importance of transparent and efficient procurement procedures, particularly in the run-up to elections, the PPDA reiterated its unwavering support for the MEC’s mandate. As part of this commitment, the PPDA has implemented several initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency and accountability of public procurement processes.

An important measure taken by the PPDA is the increase in the thresholds for the purchase of goods by the MEC from MK 1 billion to MK 5 billion. This decision decentralizes some of the authority previously held by the PPDA, allowing the MEC to undertake purchases of up to MK 5 billion without the need for PPDA approval. This adjustment not only demonstrates a commitment to efficiency, but also reflects the PPDA’s confidence in MEC’s ability to comply with procurement regulations and legislation.

In addition, the interface meeting provided an opportunity to examine the ongoing review of public procurement legislation. The aim of this review is to identify and mitigate any gaps or challenges in the existing legal framework, ensuring that procurement processes are robust, transparent and aligned with best practice.

As the PPDA and MEC prepare for the next general election in 2025, the interface meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration, transparency and accountability in ensuring credible and inclusive electoral processes. By working together, the two institutions are committed to upholding democratic principles and fostering public confidence in the integrity of the electoral system.

As the country looks ahead to the 2025 general elections, the PPDA and MEC remain steadfast in their shared objective of establishing transparent, credible and inclusive electoral processes that
respect Malawi’s democratic ideals.