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Burkina Faso/ Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Endowed with an Application to Screen Delegated Works Mastery

‘’COMODE’’ is the name of the new application launched by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority of Burkina Faso (ARCOP) on November 26, 2020 as a solution to the screening of conventions on delegated works mastery. In fact, it aims at screening the financial execution and in person of conventions on delegated works mastery.

Accessible via the website of ARCOP, “COMODE” helps to create a convention, register a contract related to a convention, the reception of funds, register the payment of the honorary and the description of works; it also helps, to name few, to generate the implementation report of conventions and aids to do a decision analysis.

This innovation by ARCOP translates its engagement towards transparency, integrity, digitalization of the credibility of public procurement system in Burkina Faso. It translates the will to dispatch information on the execution of delegated works mastery to “the organizations of civil society willing to exercise a citizen control.

Such an application is designed thanks to the financial support by the World Bank to the project named Project for Economic Governance and Citizen Participation.