Democratic Republic of Congo: Completion of in-depth training on national of Public Procurement at COBIL S.A.

On Friday 02 February 2024, the Director General a.i of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority « PPRA «, Mr. Benoit KALIKAT KALEMBE and the Managing Director of COBIL sa Mr. Placide MUTABUNGA RUGINA proceeded to the closing of the in-depth training on the national procedures of public procurement, training given for the benefit of the members of the Project Management and Public Procurement Unit of COBIL sa.

From 22 January to 02 February 2024, i.e. 10 days, the modules will cover the rules and procedures for awarding public contracts, from the preparation to the final acceptance of public contracts, including the identification of needs and consolidation, the development of the procurement plan, preparing tender documents, inviting competitive bids, receiving and evaluating bids, awarding and finalising contracts, contract management, managing conflicts arising from the award and performance of contracts, and public-private partnerships.

The objective of the training session was to reinforce the capacities and skills of the members of the CGPMP in the field of public procurement in order to achieve performance in the conclusion of projects and programs under the responsibility of COBIL sa, and this in compliance with the procedures of laws n°10/010 of 27 April 2010 relating to public procurement and 18/016 of 09 July 2018 relating to public-private partnership.

The closing ceremony began with the playing of the national anthem, followed by a word from the trainees’ representative, Mr Bienvenu BONZENGO, who began by thanking the Managing Director of COBIL sa for having responded favourably to the request for training from the members of the CGPMP of COBIL sa. He did not fail to thank the ARMP authorities for holding the said training.

In his closing speech, the Director General a.i of ARMP, after paying tribute to His Excellency Félix Antoine TSHISEKEDI TSHILOMBO, President of the Republic, Head of State, for his vision of good governance and the fight against corruption and misappropriation of public funds.

He then expressed his gratitude to His Excellency Jean-Michel SAMA LUKONDE KYENGE, Prime Minister, Head of Government and Supervisory Authority of ARMP for the efforts made to achieve the vision of the President of the Republic.

He did not fail to thank the ADG of COBIL sa for his willingness to materialise good governance in this establishment with majority public participation.

To conclude, the Managing Director of COBIL sa expressed his gratitude to the General Management of ARMP for having promptly responded to the request for training addressed to him by COBIL sa, in these terms: «We will do everything in our power, as a Management Committee, to put this team in conditions that allow them to work, so as to apply the knowledge acquired for the good of COBIL sa».

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