Armp in the front line

The 2nd phase of the local governance support project was launched on March 14 in Conakry by the Agence Nationale de Financement des Collectivités Locales (ANAFIC). The Guinean Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (Armp) took part in the meeting, chaired by the new Prime Minister Bah Oury. Invited to the meeting. 

Conakry, March 14, 2024 – The Agence Nationale de Financement des Collectivités Locales (ANAFIC) has launched the second phase of the Local Governance Support Project (PAGL2). The project is funded by the World Bank Group to the tune of $81 million over a 5-year period.

The official launch ceremony was presided over by Prime Minister Bah Oury. In his address, the Head of Government stressed the importance of local development, particularly in a regional context marked by insecurity linked to terrorism in neighbouring countries. “This project comes at just the right time to support local populations and thus contribute to the stability of our regions”, said Mr Oury. The World Bank Group’s resident representative spoke of the achievements of the first phase of the project, expressing his expectations for this new stage.

At the event, local authority representatives were shown the solar kits that will be made available to them to power the IT equipment for the integrated local financial information management system.

Among the future actions planned, the project will support local authorities in drawing up their development plans, with particular emphasis on environmental protection.
In his words of thanks, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Finance invited the coordination unit to demonstrate transparency in the implementation of the funds allocated by the partners.
This new project to support local governance is part of the ongoing efforts to decentralize and build the capacity of local authorities in Guinea