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The Public Procurement Information System (e-procurement) explained to stakeholders.

On March 12, the Ministry of Finance organized a day of awareness-raising and information on the e-procurement project, aimed at players and stakeholders in the national public procure- ment system and focusing on the Public Procurement Information System (e-procurement). The opening ceremony, held at the Diplomatic Academy, was chaired by the Minister of Finance, H.E. Isselmou MOHAMED M’BADY.

On the first day, reserved for the general secretaries of ministries and the chairmen of public procure- ment commissions, participants heard a presentation by the consultant on:

  • The importance and functionalities of the dematerialization system for public procurement procedures.
  • The impact of the system on the transparency of procedures, the reduction of time and costs, the availability of timely information and the modernization of the administration.
  • Computerization of all public procurement procedures.
  • The facilities offered by the system for monitoring contract performance by civil society.

The day was an opportunity for the Ministry in charge of Digital Transformation to present the technical aspects of the future system. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning gave a presentation on the new qualification and classification platform for national building and public works companies. It also provided an opportunity for fruitful exchanges and enriching discussions between participants.

The following two days were devoted, successively, to raising awareness and informing the private sector and civil society organizations about the aforementioned objectives of the e-procurement project. These days were organized jointly with the Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development.

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