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Southern Africa on the Spotlight

The Technical Secretariat of the African Public Procurement Network is organizing on May 27, 2021 at noon, the third Knowledge and Experience Sharing Session on the theme: “e-GP-Current Status, Opportunities and Challenges” for the Southern Africa Sub-regional Public Procurement Network. The countries from that sub-region are Botswana, Eswatini, the Gambia, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Sychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Of course, the officials of the network will be around, especially the Chairperson and the Technical Secretary.

Aiming at sharing their knowledge and experiences regarding the theme, the member countries of the network will be together for about three (3) hours. And on the agenda, there are opening addresses, presentations and closing remarks, which will lead to some announcements.

The addresses will start with the one of the APPN Chair, Mr. Musa Sikhondze, followed by the one of the Technical Secretary, Mr. Aftar Touré MOROU before ending up with the address of the Coordinator of the Southern Africa Sub-regional Network and Chairperson of the session, Mr. Lucas KENNEKAE.

There will be as usual, keynote speeches. This time, the session will have the honor to receive two remarkable experts such as Mr. Knut J. Leipold, World Bank East Africa Coordinator and Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shakya, international expert on digital governance, particularly in the domain of e-GP. They will make a presentation to shed light on the theme. There will also be some country presentations from member countries like Zambia, with Ms. Idah Chileshe Chella, the Head of the Zambia Public Procurement Regulatory Authority; Mauritius with Mr. Gawesh Jawaheer, Project Manager at the Mauritius Public Procurement Regulatory Authority and Botswana with Mr. Lucas KENNEKAE, Division Manager Supplies.

And for two good hours, questions, exchanges and debates will be held after presentations for more lights to the understanding. Once over, the APPN Chairperson and the session Chair, respectively Mr. Musa Sikhondze and Mr. Lucas KENNEKAE will close the session up with their closing remarks and another appointment and other announcements will be shared with the member countries.