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Togo/The Operational Phase of the Professionalization of Public Procurement, a Reality

Togo has been for several years now in a reform process the aim of which is to improve its national system of public procurement. In that vein, the Togolese government is engaged in the professionalization of the public procurement sector by initiating a mission to draw up a master plan to achieve such a goal.

The master plan focuses first on creating specific employment in the scope of public procurement within public administration and thereafter on implementing a mechanism that develops skills out of the employments created. To finish up, it aims at establishing a professional order of public procurement managers abiding by a code of ethics and professional conduct.

And on July 5, 2021, this professionalization mission of public procurement started at “Relais de la Caisse” with the certification of stakeholders intervening in bidding, its control and regulation.

There were thirty-five executives from public service and/ or the private sector strongly involved in the bidding system, namely its management and regulation who took part in the training. In fact the goal of that training is to strengthen capacity of the trainees in handling public procurement and to certify their mastery of the necessary competences of the field. And the trainer was a French firm called cabinet Egis Forhom de France. For information, the Forhom Institute is the department specializing in training and human resources consulting within Egis International, a 100% subsidiary of the Egis Group, which in turn is attached to the French “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations”.