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Fighting against Corruption in Public Procurement at the Lomé International Seminar

The auditorium of Université de Lomé (the University of Lomé) hosts on December 15, 2020 the third edition of Lomé International Seminar on the theme ‘’Fighting against Corruption: Ethics in Public Procurement’’

Organized by CDP (public law center) of Université de Lomé with the support of the Togo Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP), this seminar will gather great professors-researchers from diverse horizons, namely Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and France to name few. Great professors like Séni Mahamadou OUDRAOGO from Burnika Faso, Ibrahim David SALAMI from Benin, Owona MBALLA from Cameroon and the magistrate, Mr. Essohana WIYAO from Togo will be around to discuss the whole day of December 15, 2020 the difficult matter to grab and that is worldwide spread: corruption in public procurement.

Through exchanges, both partners (CDP and ARMP) will mobilize academics and practitioners who will question themselves on the implementation of ethics norms as well as mechanisms to fight against corruption in public procurement contracts within the WAEMU zone.

The Lomé International Seminar aims on one hand, at spreading the legal mechanisms promoting ethics and fighting against corruption vis-à-vis actors and targeted audience. On the other hand, it wants to analyze the specificities of such measures in the WAEMU zone as well as their implementation efficiency in the light of optimal and effective norms regarding public procurement management.

Because of COVI-19, only a limited number of people will participate in the seminar. But thanks to technology, those willing to participate will follow the three panels on the agenda via social networks of ARMP and Université de Lomé, namely on their Facebook,  Twiter  , and Zoom.