Guinea/Courtesy Visit of the State Judicial Officer to the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority

Appointed on November 10, 2021 as a State judicial officer by a decree of the President of the transition, the former lawyer at the bar of Guinea, Maître Mohamed SAMPIL visited the building of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority with his collaborators this November 22, 2021. And he was warmly welcome by the Director General of the Guinea PPRA, Mr. Jonas Mukamba Kadiata DIALLO and his collaborators.

After the introduction of the personnel of the two institutions, Mr. Jonas Mukamba Kadiata DIALLO seized the opportunity to offer a visit of the place by the Head of the regulatory department, Mr. Jean Guemou NOGARO to the hosts.

Maître Mohamed SAMPIL, whose mission is to represent the State before courts for any financial litigation, was very delighted by the welcome offered by the Managing Director of the Authority and his collaborators and expressed his joy this way: “I am certain that this courtesy visit was not meant to last long but with the agreeable atmosphere we spent more time than expected. That’s why I can’t leave the building without expressing my gratitude to the Director General and his collaborators”.