Mali/Capacity Building of Public Procurement Stakeholders in Kayes Region

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority and Public Service Delegations (ARMDS) organized from April 12 to April 23, 2021 four training sessions for public procurement stakeholders of Kayes Region. The training was on national public procurement and public service delegations’ procedures, their implementation, control and regulation.

The aim was to equip the agents of the administration to better succeed in their mission as far as public procurement dossiers’ preparation and tender analyses are concerned. The training will also help private sector stakeholders to build on their capacity in the process of preparing tenders and referring to the dispute resolution committee.

In total, 166 public procurement stakeholders including 91 from the private sector and 75 from the contracting authorities partook in the training session.

In Mali, public procurement makes a lot of money. Indeed, in 2020, statistics showed a total amount of FCFA 501, 706, 354, 327 for 5 229 government procurement by the contracting authorities under the control a priori of the public procurement and public service delegations Directorate and its decentralized services.