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The Representatives of 117 Togo Communes at the School of Public Procurement

Being newly appointed, the committee members and those in charge of public procurement (PRMP) in the different Togo communes do not have much knowledge of the rules governing public procurement. It’s to equip them that the Togo Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP), in collaboration of the national Directorate of public procurement control (DNCMP) launched on April 12 until April 21, 2021 a series of training for the representatives of the 117 Togo Communes on the theme: “Procedures for the Award, Execution and Control of Public Procurement”

Such training is to enable the 351 participants to master and explain public procurement management and public service delegation rules in order to conduct efficiently public purchase processes in their communes in accordance with regulation into force. It also aims at enabling them to have access to adequate knowledge in public procurement as to be more efficient and clean up public procurement system.

In two phases, the first training of the series of training started from April 12 to April 14, 2021 in three regions, namely Sokodé for the representatives of Central Region communes, Kara for the representatives of Kara Region and Dapaong for those of Savannah Region whereas the second phase took into account the representatives of Plateau Region in Kpalimé and Atakpamé and the ones of Maritime Region in Tsévié and the communes of Grand Lomé.

For Mr. Aftar Touré MOROU, the Acting Director of Togo Public Procurement Regulatory Authority, the training will help all the communes have skilled people and well equip them to run efficiently public procurement in the communes.

As a reminder, a similar online training was held by ARMP-Togo for the 117 communes and 500 city councilors participated in it.