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Togo on the Way to Public Procurement Reform

Togo is at the edge of the validation of public procurement draft texts.

Launched some months ago, the proofreading of the texts regulating public procurement in Togo has made an important step forward through a workshop to validate public procurement draft texts on September 16, 2020. For three good days, the members of the proofreading committee from various horizons such as public, private and civil society realms, pondered over the key innovations brought to the texts regulating public procurement by the technicians mobilized by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority of Togo.

Togo with such a process, wants to adapt texts controlling public procurement to the current evolutions and put in place a regulatory frame for procurement to attract investors. And this activity once achieved will help have imperfection-free updated texts to avoid problems that have been hindering the public procurement system. Therefore, public procurement processes shall be effective in Togo.
In short, it’s all about making the legislation regarding public procurement in Togo conforming to the international norms adapted to the present reality. It will also improve business climate in Togo while favoring rapidity in the implementation of the National Development Plan.

Seeing the development process sparked in African countries these recent years, especially with the creation of the African Public Procurement Network (APPN), it’s very important that all the African countries and member countries of the network be conforming to reforms of the regulatory frame in order to harmonize norms and practices as far as public procurement is concerned in Africa.