Zoom on the New Director General of ARMP-Guinée: Mr. Lamine Minos Camara

Zoom on the New Director General of ARMP-Guinée: Mr. Lamine Minos Camara

Appointed on February 2, 2022 by the President of the transition, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, Mr. Lamine Minos Camara runs now the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority of Guinea in a context marked by the reform of public procurement. This reform is part of the will of the current authorities to rationalize the institutional governance of the Republic of Guinea in which the PPRA will continue to play its role of regulation of public procurement system and public-private partnerships.

Mr. Lamine Minos Camara has come to ARMP at a time when the transitional authorities are leading to accountability within the framework of a re-foundation of the State wherein the role of ARMP is crucial.

Mr. Lamine Minos Camara is well-known in the field of public procurement in the Republic of Guinea to which he owes everything, namely experiences acquired, respectively in awarding, control and now regulation as the Director.

A graduate from Ecole Nationale d’Administration (National School of Administration) of Morocco with a Master’s degree and a certificate in Monitoring and Assessment of Development Projects from Centre des Etudes Financières Economiques et Bancaires de Marseille/France (CEFEB)/Center for Financial, Economic and Banking Studies of Marseille/France, Mr. Lamine Minos Camara is a Senior Expert in procurement and has always worked in that realm and on national and international regulations both in Guinea and abroad.

After a twelve-year career at the headquarters of public procurement, Mr. Lamine Minos Camara opted for consultancy and independent expertise by commencing with the steering of the National Committee for the Technical Monitoring of CPAR-Guinée as National Consultant under the label of UNOPS (reviewing analytically the country’s public procurement system). This Committee was financed by UNDP under the technical responsibility of the African Development Bank and IDA.

He held within the Executive Secretariat of CNLS (the multi-sectoral AIDS project management body), the position of public procurement Manager. The New Managing Director of ARMP-Guinée also worked with KPMG (the fiduciary agency of the project) in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on the Disarmament, Demobilization and Social and Economic Reintegration of ex-combatants program as a Senior Expert in procurement awarding within the Execution Unit of the program funded by IDA and the AfDB. Such work enabled him to start an international career.

Besides, Mr. Lamine Minos Camara served Millenium Challenge in Benin as a Public Procurement Expert from December 2010 to April 2011 within The Louis BERGER Group, a Procurement Awarding Agency of MCA Benin (…) as well as a World Bank Consultant in support of the National Rural Infrastructures Program 2 from June 2011 to June 2012. It was a mission he conducted as an independent Expert in charge of procurement in one of the United Nations’ programs called National Program in Support of Agricultural Actors, a FIDA and OPEPE funded program from October 2012 to February 2014 before being appointed Deputy National Director of Public Procurement in the Ministry of Economics and Finance by a presidential decree, where he contributed to the implementation of the public procurement reform. Next to that he was appointed Deputy National Director of the National Directorate for Public Procurement Control and Public-Private Partnerships

Thanks to all his rich experience, he is currently appointed to head Public Procurement Authority (ARMP). Mr. Lamine Minos Camara is a great contributor to specialized journals such as RHCOM (an international human resources management bimonthly) that publishes his contributions daily.

Mr. Lamine Minos Camara is learned and the list of his curriculum is vast: twenty-one (21) years of pertinent experience in public procurement among which nine (9) years are dedicated to development projects (…) without taking into account training certificates received in several countries.

As of now, you know more about Mr. Lamine Camara. And it’s this great actor of public procurement system in Guinea that has come to ARMP-Guinée with the sole aim to revive this public procurement regulatory institution.


By Cellule Com’ ARMP