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Benin/The Newly Appointed Acting Permanent Secretary of Benin ARMP

The Benin Public Procurement Regulatory Authority’s secretariat has a newly appointed acting Permanent Secretary. His name is Mr. Ludovic GUEDJE. Assistant Professor at CAMES Universities, lecturer at the law school of the university Abomey-Calavi (UAC) and an expert of public procurement and public-private partnership, Mr. Ludovic GUEDJE got newly appointed as the acting Permanent Secretary by the decision n°2021/08/PR/ARMP/S-PR/SP/SA of July 27, 2021 of the President of the Benin Public Procurement Regulatory Authority, Mr. Séraphin AGBAHOUNGBATA. Besides his various positions and before his appointment, let’s lay emphasis on his being the Director of regulations and legal affairs at the Benin PPRA.

The Terms of Reference of the permanent secretariat from the provision 28 of the decree n°2020-595 of December 23, 2020 on attributions, organization and operationalization of the PPRA are as follows: preparing and implementing the decisions of the Regulation Board and documents for the President of the PPRA to sign. The permanent secretariat will also aid the President in his administrative and financial management of the PPRA through the coordination of the technical departments’ activities.

Mr. Ludovic GUEDJE will prepare the budget, activity reports and the account and financial statements that he submits to the Regulation Board for approval. In addition, he will be in charge of managing the technical, administrative and financial aspects of the PPRA and get deliberations ready plus implementing the decisions of the Regulation Board. He will be a key technical support to the different committees of the Regulation Board in the fulfillment of their mission.