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Benin/ PPRA and CESAG: a Partnership Convention in Process

The officials of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) of Benin had some exchanges with a delegation of African center for higher management education of Dakar (CESAG) on July 7, 2021 in the frame of the professionalization process of public procurement actors. The purpose of such exchanges was to reinforce human capital in public procurement domain and seek possibilities for both institutions to become partners.

In his opening address, Mr. Séraphin AGBAHOUNGBATA, the Chairman of the PPRA acknowledged the agreement between CESAG and other PPRAs of the WAEMU before expressing his hope to see the convention process between CESAG and his institution successful.

In his words, Mr. Moussa YAZI, the Director of the pedagogical training and innovations (DFIP) of CESAG said that the instructions received from the WAEMU are to move towards a sub-regional program. The role of CESAG, according to Mr. Moussa YAZI is to help PPRAs label the pedagogical contents offered.

This meeting helped reflect on current status, the needs and the training offers. For Dr. Aboudou OUATTARA, the Director of Research and Development, such an initiative is in three phases. The first one is about the signing of a partnership convention. The second is about designing training offers and implementation terms and conditions. And the third one is about the training implementation itself.

Following the meeting, the Benin PPRA and CESAG agreed on a schedule to continue work prior to the signing of the convention. The convention draft presented by CESAG was amended by the PPRA. The observations of the PPRA will be inserted in the draft and shaped by CESAG and sent back for approval by the PPRA before the convention signing ceremony, which date will be determined by the officers of the two bodies.