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The Knowledge and Experience Sharing Session of the North Africa

To enable all the members of the African Public Procurement Network (APPN) to share their knowledge and experiences on the health crisis prevailing today and that is COVID-19, the Technical Secretariat of the APPN has initiated a series of sessions since September 22, 2020. This first series is on “Public Procurement in Emergency-COVID-19-Country Experiences”.

Respectively, sessions were held with East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa and Central Africa last year. And this year on February 11, it’s going to be the turn of the North Africa to have its session on the same theme of COVID-19 in emergency.

This session will gather Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Chad and the officials of the APPN, especially the Chairman and the Technical Secretary, plus the technical and financial partners such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank. And as always, there will be a keynote speaker out of Africa who comes this time from the European Investment Bank (EIB); he is Mr. Jean-Jacques Verdeaux, the Main Counsel in public procurement.

For three good hours, the participants in the session will interact and exchange ideas on the theme for better understanding and strategies to implement vis-à-vis COVID-19.