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Côte d’Ivoire/ State Companies and Companies with Majority Public Financial Participation Discovering More of the Public Procurement Code

In the framework of vulgarizing the ordinance n°2019- 679 of July 24, 2019 on Public Procurement Code, the National Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ANRMP), in collaboration of the Public Procurement General Directorate (DGMP) organized on April 28, 2021, a training conference for State companies and companies with majority public financial participation on the specific theme of procedures for awarding, controlling and regulating public procurement. Such training gathered about sixty participants, all officials from State companies (SODE) and companies with majority financial participation (SPFPM) as to benefit from all the advantages it offered.

For two good days, trainers from ANRMP and DGMP aimed at building the capacity of the participants on modules related to public contract awarding preparatory operations, mastering awarding, controlling and executing procedures of public contracts as well as themes on applicable sanctions.

Important to draw attention to the fact that the new public procurement code introduces several major innovations in the national public procurement system, especially the withdrawal of key players such as General Directorate of State Portfolio (DGPE), Bids Opening and Bid Judgment Commissions (COJO), the mission of the latter being to rule on contract awarding by these actors. This evolvement empowers now SODE and SPFPM as far public procurement awarding and execution are concerned.