Mali/ Capacity Building of Public Procurement Actors

The Public Procurement Regulatory and Public Service Delegation Authority (ARMDS) organized from May 24 to June 4, 2021, four training sessions for the benefit of public procurement actors in Koulikoro Region. Of course, the training focused on public procurement, namely on national procedures for bidding, its execution, control, regulation and public service delegations.

These training sessions formed a part of planned training programmed by ARMDS for the year 2021. And eagerly, 74 actors from the private sector and 87 from contracting authorities were around to learn and update their knowledge.

During the training, the participants from the contracting authorities were more equipped to excel in their mission of preparing bid and analysis documents. So were the actors from the private sector in order to improve the preparation of good tenders to win contracts.

Presided over by the administrative and legal affairs advisor of the Koulikoro Governor, Mr. Bernard COULIBALY, the opening of the training happened officially in the presence of the President of ARMDS, Mr. Alassane BA, of the Managing Director of public procurement and public service Delegations, Mr. Soïbou MARIKO and of many other managers such as the region’s administrative and political managers.

The training served as a golden opportunity for some participants to get acquainted with the national procedures in public procurement and for others to further improve their skills in public procurement.

Public procurement is such a key domain that makes a lot of money in Mali. As a proof, last year 2020, statistics revealed a total amount of F CFA 501, 706, 354, 327 for 5, 229 contracts awarded by the contracting authorities under the a priori supervision of the General Directorate of Public Procurement and Public Service Delegations and its decentralized services.