Pep Talk between ARMP, DNCMP and Public Procurement Actors

In public procurement, each actor is supposed to play their role in order to improve economic governance. But in every system, there are problems, dysfunctions and lacks. To sort the lacks out, the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP) initiated a meeting for exchange between public actors on November 18, 2021 in Lomé.

The objective of such a meeting was to create an exchange framework in-between ARMP-Togo, the national directorate for public procurement control (DNCMP) on the one hand and responsible people of public procurement (PRMP) and economic operators one the other hand so as to ponder over issues that hindered public procurement system in Togo.

To start with, before the workshop, Mr. Aftar Touré Morou, the Managing Director of ARMP-Togo felicitated the actors for their various effort making, namely ARMP-Togo itself, DNCMP, the civil society in the improvement of the public procurement system in Togo

Mr. Aftar Touré Morou urged to work harder to attain economic governance for he has noticed how full public procurement system is of forgery, corruption, collusion and denunciations and complaints, which are more and more frequent. He invited to greater but serious responsibilities of public procurement actors.

As it was an exchange framework, participants seized the opportunity to interact and ask pertinent and sensitive questions.

Presentations were given in order to touch concrete points such as the mission of DCMP, grievance against contracting authorities, difficulties encountered but also innovations in public procurement. Questions were asked. Answers were given to enlighten the audience. Opportunities were given for proposals as well.

In the end, all the hundred actors knew clearer about their responsibility for good operationalization of public procurement and about how to fight ills that plague the system, especially fraud and corruption.