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Togo Moving a Step Further in Public Procurement Professionalization

One of the missions of the Togo Public Procurement Regulatory Authority is to provide training and technical supports to the public procurement actors playing key roles in the process. And it’s in that perspective that ARMP-Togo, in collaboration with Université de Lomé and Ecole Nationale d’Administration (the National School of Administration) launched on Thursday October 28, 2021 the master’s degree in public procurement engineering at Université de Lomé.

Such a master’s degree program is to endow students with solid professional capacities and bring them up to develop the necessary skills indispensable for data collection and quantitative and qualitative data processing in the realm of public procurement and public and private partnerships. The implementation of this program is part of a vast program of professionalizing public procurement and consolidating public procurement managers into an entity. The initiative tells more about the strong will of Togo to ameliorate business environment out there.

Indeed, the new pathway implemented with the UNDP support will contribute to performances in public procurement and shed light on the decision-making process in all public, private, regional or international organizations. It also comes in as a solution to adequacy between training and employment in Togo as the training gives access to various employments in the liberal sector within national or international organizations.
The training is for everyone who has a Bachelor degree in the LMD system, a master’s degree or any degree in a field corresponding.

Another important point to mention here is how the master’s degree initiative will help Togo get qualified human resources to face the new stakes in economic governance.