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Mali and Niger Sharing Experiences

A delegation of the Mali Public Procurement Regulatory Authority and Public Service Delegations (ARMDS) led by Mr. Alassane Ba, the President of the National Board of Regulation of the said institution, stayed in Niamey from September 12 to September 17, 2021 for a visit in the framework of the strengthening of cooperation between ARMDS and the Niger Public Procurement Regulatory Authority in order to better share experiences for the improvement of the public procurement management system of the two countries.

During the exchanges, the two institutions talked about questions related to the cleaning up of public procurement system and professionalization in public procurement.

In her words, to start with, Ms. Souleymane Gambo, the Chairperson of the National Board of Regulation of the Niger ARMP, appreciated the steps taken by ARMDS aiming at ameliorating the public procurement system of the two countries through mutual exchanges. In her viewpoint, the initiative is a great opportunity to exchange experiences capitalized by both institutions.

She also recalled that great efforts have been made by WAEMU and member States as to promote a legal harmonized environment capable to sustain the development of a dynamic and competitive regional economy, which can be successfully embedded in the global economy.

In his address, Mr. Alassane Ba, the President of the National Council of Regulation of the Mali ARMDS, stated that such exchange meetings constitute the key element to attain objectives pertaining to the improvement of the procurement chain of both countries and enable the effective orientation of reflections regarding the practicality or the review of texts on public procurement in both Niger and Mali.

Questions discussed by the two institutions during the exchanges are closely linked to the experience and knowledge sharing sessions that the Technical Secretariat of the African Public Procurement Network (APPN) is organizing on “Professionalization of Public Procurement and Capacity Building” for its member countries, which Niger and Mali are.